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Matthew Duggan
ULTIMA: Fix some memory management errors identified by clang
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Implement b_max and b_min
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Implement list comparison
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Create Datum::compareTo()
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Disable desktop for Director for the time being.

Until the rendering pipeline is fixed, desktop pops up between the
movies which affects transitions. Instead of adding even more hacks,
we disable it for now.
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Do not draw empty desktop on movie transitions
Lothar Serra Mari
DISTS: Update application description to cover the current project's scope
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: MYST: Menu related fixes

* Allow showing the GMM using F5 during cutscenes in the non 25th
* Autosave when quitting from the GMM when it was opened using F5
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: RIVEN: Menu related fixes

* Allow showing the GMM using F5 during cutscenes in the CD/DVD version
* Autosave when quitting from the GMM when it was opened using F5
* Allow changing the language when clicking the options button in the
  main menu in the 25th edition

Refs #11399.
README: Fix typo
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Disable color reversing for the time being

It leads to major gfx artifacts in Warlock. We need to check
with the original how it reverses the colors
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Allocat MacWindow and draw on it

Inter-movie transitions are broken again (go over white)
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Fix window removal
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Fix infinite loop in event processing for MacWindow
Eugene Sandulenko
PINK: Use MacWindow::disableBorder()
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Add disableBorder() to MacWindow
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Use bison directives in grammar
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Made bison error output verbose
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Made director-grammar target brew-only
Cameron Cawley
ANDROID: Add support for additional mouse buttons
Le Philousophe
ANDROID: Make compilation settings more flexible

- Don't expect compilation to be run on a Linux host
- Allow override of CXX and STRINGS by environment variables

This should not break already working build systems
Le Philousophe
ANDROID: Don't target Android API level 29 yet

Android API level 29 introduces scoped storage which is enabled by
default for applications targeting level 29.
This protection prevents us to access external storage.
There is a compatibility flag but it will disappear in Android 11.
To target more recent platforms, we should implement SAF FS backend.
Le Philousophe
ANDROID: Update files in build directory when source changed
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Pass events to window children
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Turned MacWindow into MacWidget
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Implemented event dispatcher for MacWidget
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Fix code analysis issues. Some are embarrassing.
Thanasis Antoniou
CONFIGURE: Allow scalers and hd scaling for Raspberry Pi
DIRECTOR: Correct MouseDown Event Handler and fix switch statements missing breaks.
Thanasis Antoniou
CONFIGURE: Fix Raspberry Pi cross compilation using the Pro toolchain

Current release of this toolchain must be installed in /opt
This uses a more recent gcc (8) whereas the official one uses 4.3-2
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Implement Datum::getPrintable() for printing out
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: Rename Datum::toType() to Datum::makeType() as less confusing
Roland van Laar
DIRECTOR:LINGO: Implement getAt

Builtin getAt gets the nth item in a 1 indexed list.
getAt treats a float as int floor(float).
Roland van Laar
DIRECTOR: Adds debug option to automate tests.

The debugflag fewframesonly exits the program after running 10 frames.
This is used when running a large amount of Director programs in an
automated fashion. The example script below saves the output for further

CAVEAT: A score is ran for 10 frames. The counter is reset if new
score is started within those 10 frames.

An example script in fishshell:

    for movie in (cat list_of_files_to_check.txt)
      ./scummvm --debugflags=runfirstframes -p DIRECTORY/ --start-movie=$movie workshop > output/$movie.txt 2>&1
      if test $status -eq 0
        echo $movie >> output/passed.txt
        echo $movie >> output/failed.txt
Eugene Sandulenko
DIRECTOR: LINGO: Support REFERENCE Datum in Lingo::alignTypes()
Thanasis Antoniou
CONFIGURE: Fix raspberry pi cross-compilation
DIRECTOR: Don't try and play a null sound cast member.
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