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D G Turner
IOS7: Enable Port Specific Software Scalers.

This was disabled during the merge of the initial pull request, PR 630
as this "limits the port to 16bit color precision, i.e. preventing it
from coping with engines like Wintermute, and Sword25.".

The intent was to replace this with GLSL based scalers, and thus to
avoid switching around and confusing users this was disabled.

However, since the GLSL solution has not been implemented after 2 years,
and users are asking for this feature on IOS7, am enabling this for now.

This can always be replaced in future with a GLSL based solution if a
motivated developer provides a patch.
3DS: Updated
3DS: Added improved
3DS: Fix assertion issue in case cursor dimensions are zero
3DS: Clear render target on each frame order to clear framebuffer artifacts in case the screen is not stretched.
3DS: Don't wait after SyncDisplayTransfer
3DS: Fix deprecated C3D methods
3DS: Update header inclusions and forbidden symbols
3DS: Clean up entry point
3DS: Use recent devkitPro build tools
3DS: Disable 'pedantic' and add bzip2 for FreeType2
SCI: Fix LB2 elevator lockup (#1401)

Fixes a lockup in the original when walking to a corner, bug #10702
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Fixed perspective slice rendering

Perspective projection is now working properly and character and object
are now properly rendered.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
I18N: Update translation (Spanish)

Currently translated at 94.6% (946 of 1000 strings)
Bastien Bouclet
I18N: Add a codepage file for ISO-8859-8

This encoding is used by the Hebrew translation. The GUI would need
more work to properly display Hebrew, but at least this change fixes
building translations.dat.
SCI32: Fix QFG4 consecutive moonrises (#1389)

Fixes the time panel never switching from night to day, bug #10775
CREATE_PROJECT: Remove non-existent msvc8 from build steps
SCI: Fix LB2CD act 5 finale music (#1399)

Fixes script bug in the original that kept music from completing. bug #10808
Andrei Prykhodko
PINK: fixed null pointer dereference in ConditionInventoryItemOwner
fixes bug #10805
Bastien Bouclet
BUILD: Set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR only when needed when running configure

Remember if PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is set when running configure manually,
when automatically running configure, only set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR if it
was set during the manual run.

Fixes #10807.
Bastien Bouclet
BUILD: Free the a52 state in the configure compilation test

So ASan does not print a leak report in the middle of the configure
output when it is enabled.
Matan Bareket
GITHUB: Add Pull Request template
Cameron Cawley
WIN32: Retrieve the version information for the resource script from base/internal_version.h
Cameron Cawley
PSP: Copy the extracted keyboard files instead of
Cameron Cawley
PSP: Add README.PSP to the output of the print-dists rule
Cameron Cawley
PSP: Don't hard-code the version and list of data files in the build script
Cameron Cawley
BUILD: Add a rule to print the current ScummVM version
SCI32: Fix GK1 day 5 snake attack problems (#1374)

Fixes audio, timing, and graphics problems in the original. bug #10793
Cameron Cawley
WIN32: Move the Windows-specific packaging rules into a separate file
Cameron Cawley
WIN32: Remove the now-unused win32setup rule
Cameron Cawley
CREDITS: Add credits for DM, Prince, Illusions and MutationOfJB (#1394)
Paul Gilbert
GRAPHICS: Add deltax optional parameter to Font drawString U32String version
Bastien Bouclet
GUI: Add some override markers
Bastien Bouclet
GUI: Don't display the ScrollContainer background inside tabs

Fixes #10645.
KYRA: (EOB II FM-TOWNS) - fix mouse cursor hot spot
KYRA: (EOB) - fix minor graphics glitch in FM-TOWNS version

(wrong text box shading  in certain cut scenes)
KYRA: (EOB) - fix 16 bit mouse cursor color key
KYRA: (EOB) - fix load menu graphics glitch

Cut off long save slot descriptions from the GMM save dialogue when they're displayed in the original load menu.
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