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SCI: Script patch for LB1 Lillian/bed, bug #10742

Fixes wrong and missing messages in DOS version
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: save/load sound state

Warning: breaks compatibility with previous savefiles.
They were mostly broken anyway, locking any NPC who
waited for kActionEndSound when savefile was created.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: loud train noise when NPC exits car

If Cath stands near the beginning or the end of a car,
looks at a door, and a NPC opens this door,
the volume of train noise is temporarily raised.

Controlled by variables SoundManager::_data{0,1,2},
renamed to be not so mysterious.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: case-insensitive lookup in sound queue
D G Turner
SCI32: Remove Invalid Windows Variant of Spanish GK1CD.

The English version has both DOS and Windows datafile versions,
but localized variants of GK1 are DOS only, so this is not a valid

This entry has duplicate detection checksums to the equivalent
DOS entry and was originally added as a workaround which should now not
be necessary.
D G Turner
HOPKINS: Add Graphics Screen Update Debugging Code.

This is mainly to aid investigation of bug Trac #6310.
D G Turner
SCI: Fix Segfault When Using Console "show_map" Command on SCI32 games.

The _gfxScreen instance is nullptr for SCI32 games, thus this console
command previously caused a segfault.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Jozef Legény
IOS: Hide keyboard when rotating to landscape

On iOS12 at least, the rotation did not force the keyboard to hide. This
fix will force it to be retracted in landscape and restored when
rotating back to the portrait position.
D G Turner
SHERLOCK: RT: Disable Loading from GMM During Prolog or Credits.

Loading from the GMM during the prolog resulted in the mouse cursor
getting stuck hidden and possibly other game state issues, so best to
disable loading in these cases as already was done for saving.

This fixes bug Trac #10746.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: rnd() should not return a constant
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: better names in sound code

Refactoring, no changes in behaviour.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: support for looped sounds
D G Turner
SWORD25: Fix Debug Console Activation via CTRL-d.
I18N: Update translation (Danish)

Currently translated at 100.0% (1000 of 1000 strings)
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: dynamic adjusting of sound volume

Now it works just like in the original game,
including fading where it is applicable
(e.g. in a passengers list if closing the list while a sound is playing).

By the way, p2s sequence is known as ,
p1s is 4 - A007814, and p2s[i]/2**p1s[i] is just i/16.
It is time to get rid of these arrays.
I18N: Update translation (Danish)

Currently translated at 100.0% (1000 of 1000 strings)
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: support for delay-activated sounds

Not very obvious, but noticeable e.g. when knocking on harem doors.
I suppose this is the problem that wiki describes
as "improper triggering of actions on sound end".
D G Turner
LASTEXPRESS: Remove Engine Specific All Debug Level.

This is replaced by the global "all" option for debugflags and defining
this triggers a warning about the conflict at runtime.
D G Turner
LASTEXPRESS: Fix Compiler Warning in Sound Code.

The SoundFlag type is an enumeration which have a default underlying
type of unsigned int in most case.

Thus comparing this to -1 causes a compiler warning. Since the default
entity sound flag type is 0xFFFF... which is equivalent to -1, then
replacing this with the correct enum symbol fixes the issue and should
result in the correct behaviour. Examination of the resulting code line
seems to confirm that this is the correct expected logic.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: drop sound thread

The backend runs its own sound thread anyway,
with the corresponding bookkeeping that we use.
We don't need yet another sound thread,
and it is always nice to not have something
that could change our structures from underneath us.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: fix race condition in sound code

SoundEntry::play() calls StreamedSound::setFilterId(),
StreamSound::setFilterId() requires the underlying reference to be alive.
SoundQueue::handleTimer() checks that the stream is still alive
by calling SoundEntry::isFinished(). However, if the stream is finalized
just between calls to SoundEntry::isFinished() and SoundEntry::play(),
the sound mixer frees the stream leading to use-after-free in setFilterId().

Turn off the automatical disposing, delete the stream in SoundEntry::~SoundEntry().
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
SCI: Fix LB2 back rub east entrance bug #10729

Fixes a lockup in the original game
Thierry Crozat
LASTEXPRESS: Fix compilation with some compilers
Thierry Crozat
BACKENDS: Use OSystem::destroy() instead of deleting directly the g_system instance
Thierry Crozat
COMMON: Add mutex to protect access to the String memory pool

This fixes a crash due to concurrent access to the global MemoryPool
used by the String class when String objects are used simultaneously
from several threads (as is for example the case when enabling the
cloud features).

See bug #10524: Thread safety issue with MemoryPool
Thierry Crozat
OSYSTEM: Add backendInitialized() function

Some feature, such as mutexes, are only available once the backend
has been initialized. This new function can be used to avoid using
those feature too early or too late.
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: refactor sound flags

Merge SoundFlag and SoundStatus into a single enum;
SoundEntry::setupStatus just casts one to another.

Keep only definitions of bits in SoundFlag; drop compound flags
like kFlagSteam = kSoundTypeAmbient | kSoundFlagLooped | kVolume7,
use ORed simple flags in calls; change the signature
of SoundManager::playSoundWithSubtitles to use uint32
instead of SoundFlag to avoid excess casting.

Add meaningful names to flags; add some comments.

Get rid of endian-unsafe SoundStatusUnion.

Fixes an issue with big-endian hosts.
No changes in behaviour on little-endian hosts.
SCI: Fix LB2 'Bugs With Meat' lockup, bug #10730

Fixes a lockup in the original game
Evgeny Grechnikov
LASTEXPRESS: fix constants in sound serializer

Wrong enum member used: (status & 0x7000000)
should be checked against 0x3000000, not against 3
(this is a check of sound type to skip menu sounds in savefiles).

Activate delay should not be compared with sound volume;
comparison with 0x8000000 is just a sanity check against overflow.
Andrei Prykhodko
PINK: removed unnecessary G key
Andrei Prykhodko
PINK: added missing sequencer update in Moving state
D G Turner
AGI: Add Detection Entry for AGI Combat (Beta).

This fixes bug Trac #10739.
D G Turner
AGI: Add Detection Entry for Sarien Test Demo.

This fixes bug Trac #10740.
D G Turner
AGI: Clamp Graphics Blit into Screen Area.

Some games, especially fangames appear to blit to co-ordinates outside
the screen area, which caused an assertion in the graphics backend.

To prevent this and allow further debugging in these cases, we clamp
this to the screen area. Note that there are several other locations
which do backend graphics calls, so this may need to be applied
elsewhere in the general case.

This fixes bug Trac #10736.
D G Turner
GUI: Fix Mouse Wheel Input for Unknown Game Dialog.

This should also fix this for other instances of ScrollContainer, though
the dialogs / widgets may require the same change.

This fixes bug Trac #10741.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
D G Turner
GUI: Disable Current View Selection Button in Save/Load Chooser.

Switching between List and Grid views causes a nasty redraw flicker.
This also occurs if you press the button for the current view type.

This patch does not fix the underlying refresh issue, but it does
disable the button for the current view type as pressing this is not
useful in any case.

This is a partial fix for bug Trac #10441.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
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