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SCI: Fix SQ4CD biker timepod message, bug #10922
SCI: Fix Mac icon bar crash on restart (KQ6, FPFP)

Add support for reinitializing the mac icon bar when restarting.
Restarting runs the game's init script which calls KPlatform again.
Prior to this, restarting these games would fail an assertion.
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Fix static noise instead of proper audio in VQAs
KYRA: (EOB2) - fix EGA graphics mode outro palette glitch
SCI: Fix SQ4CD bike dodging, bug #9806

Fixes several game-breaking script bugs in the bike dodging scenes
that were exposed in the CD version by slowing down the bikes.
Cameron Cawley
WIN32: Escape the copyright symbol in the resource script
SCI: Update The Dating Pool 2019 demo
SCI: Add detection entry for The Dating Pool 2019 demo
SCI: Fix SQ4CD Cedric easter egg, bug #10920
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Final pass on the maze

Removed bell on enemy reveal, brought back original special targets

Also reverted to original fast targets even though they are probably unfair. And commented out the score subtitle.
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: All maze targets normalized

Max achievable score is verified 80 as it should be if all targets were normal

Since there are special targets (to be restored in the next commit) the max score with be above 80 and it's not a fixed value known in advance.
KYRA: silence some compiler warnings
AUDIO: (FM-TOWNS/PC-98) - silence some compiler warnings
AUDIO: (FM-TOWNS) - turn warning into debug message

(no need to bother users with something that is actually intended behavior)
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Rephrasing of if clause sequence in getFramePtr()
TOON: Add detection entry for English re-release

Provided in
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: More fixes for the shooting range

Special targets not yet restored. Fixed a target overlap on PS13, and bad orientation of a target in PS11 and one in PS13.

Special ding sound will be removed in the final pass of the maze code, when special targets will be restored too, and also fast targets will be restore to being fast or faster than they are now.
Thanasis Antoniou
TOOLS: BLADERUNNER: Support CDFRAMES1.DAT input for packer
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Handle gracefully missing HDFRAMES or required CDFRAMESx file
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Support of localizations that use E as languageCode

Improved alignment of subtitles option for Russian version

The text for the subtitles option probably won't make sense though in Russian, someone will have to correct it to what it should be.
PINK: Add detection entry for Danish "pokus" version

Detection information was provided by sauravisus in
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Fixes and cleanup for Police Maze C

First pass of all rooms is complete. A second pass is pending where the special targets will be restored
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Fixes and cleanup for Police Maze B

Mainly PS12. Also added some early info on how maze score works

The special target cases are marked as bugs and will be restored on a second pass. For now we need to verify that the highest score of 80 points is achievable if all targets are normal ones.
SCI: Apply SQ4 timing workaround to non-VGA versions

Fixes bug #6193 by applying the SQ4 floppy kPaletteAnimation timing
workaround from 99de89c974fc24bf58b034842750e522d7d441d4 to versions
with less than 256 colors. This includes DOS EGA, PC-98, and Amiga.

This also patches out the intro script's workaround that uses different
timing in EGA mode, as this is incompatible with ours and makes the
intro screen last over 3 minutes instead of 5 seconds.
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNER: Enhanced overlay debugger command

It will now load any specified overlay in the scene as long as it is valid
Thanasis Antoniou
BLADERUNNER: Fixes and cleanup for Police Maze A

Only fixes for rooms PS10, PS11. A few cases may need revising.

There are a few cases that a target may reset after being shot and they seem buggy but they could also be intended. So, that's for a second pass to decide.
SCI: Fix disassembler crash on invalid property

Fixes debugger crash when disassembling an instruction whose operand
is an invalid property. This occurs in LB2 floppy 1.0 script 720 in
sGetUp:changeState and sStepOnNail:changeState.
Peter Kohaut
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Fixes for Russian version
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Fixed integer underflow for Russian videos
Lothar Serra Mari
WIN32: Fix encoding in the Inno Setup file
SCI: Fix SQ4CD smell sidewalk message, bug #10917
Paul Gilbert
GLK: FROTZ: Set window properties for font number and size when font changes
Paul Gilbert
GLK: FROTZ: Move setReverseVideo into Window
Paul Gilbert
GLK: FROTZ: Move remainder of font/style logic into Window
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Fixed inability to drugged McCoy up again

Actors are not updated faster than 60 times per second.
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Fixed compilation error
Peter Kohaut
BLADERUNNER: Added support for scrolling with mouse wheel

Not in the original game
Zhiqi Yin
SCUMM HE: Bug fix for moonbase stack memory corruption

The bug is reproducible in the following ways:
1. quiting the game
2. enter challenge mode state 2, when the game starts move mouse around
the menu buttons (choose building or weapons)
Observed behavior: In he/wiz_he.cpp:2839, the function failed to return since
the stack around variable 'color' was corrupted. The game will crash then.

Since other function will modify memory area around local variable 'color',
the bug shoud be caused by memory overwritten. The memory write happens
in this modified file. From the code, it only wants to write a certain amount
of pixels. So I found 2 places where more pixels are written. This causes
stack memory corruption.

Add checking. If we have written enough pixels then break.

The game UI looks correct. Single player mode game is tested.
Bug no longer observable. Tested for both cases mentioned above.
Thanasis Antoniou
GUI: Fix loading new (not already cached) localized fonts
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