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master stable
Thierry Crozat
TOOLS: Make input files handling more robust

Some tools have a very generic input file format (e.g. *.*) but
reimplement inspectInput() to restrict the acceptable inputs.
However this was only used when working out which tool can
process a given input (when the tool is not specified). Now this
is also used when checking the inputs given to a specific tool.
Thierry Crozat
TOOLS: Fix inputs handling for extract_gob_stk

This tool can take as input non only files with the stk extension but
also files with the itk and ltk extensions.
Willem Jan Palenstijn
SCI: Add notes
Filippos Karapetis
GRAPHICS: Silence an MSVC warning
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Enable some menus in Jones after restoring (bugs #6537 and #6723)

The code path that is supposed to enable these never gets called when
restoring from the main menu, or from the ScummVM launcher. Since the
logic on when and what to enable is quite complex, the easiest thing
to do is enable these entries manually after a game is loaded.
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Minor clean up of sprite set removal
Sven Hesse
GOB: Remove useless memcpy()

Happened while removing Draw::_vgaSmallPalette in 0f9b1364c.

Fixes Coverity issue #1230309.
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Fix bug #6703: "SCI: QFG1 VGA - Can't CTRL+S to access statistics"

This actually affected all Control+key combinations. A regression from
Filippos Karapetis
MADS: Clear scene sprites and objects when showing a game menu

This shows the game menu, albeit with the wrong palette
Filippos Karapetis
MADS: Implement the Rex Cancel button in the game options dialog

The current options are now saved when the dialog opens, and are
restored to their original values if the user cancels
Filippos Karapetis
MADS: Reset screen clip bounds before copying over a new screen

This is needed for the in-game menu, where a dialog spawns another one
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Remove deprecated code from AnimationView and a bunch of out-of-date TODOs
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Only show Quotes main menu item after winning the game
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Hook up Rex game endings to show the correct animation and/or credits
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Hopefully fix bug #6718 in LSL6 Polish

View flags are mainly used by LB2. The flag in the LSL6 view seems to
be garbage, so we ignore it
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Separate the rest of the detection-only functions

This should fix bug #6717 - "SCI fallback detection assert failure"
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Rename the version of addAppropriateSources() used in detection
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Fix some typos, and remove some redundant curly braces
Torbjörn Andersson
TINSEL: Move object creation from constructor to run()

Moved the creation of _midiMusic, _pcmMusic, _sound and _bmv from
the constructor to run(). It was reported on the forum that the
MT-32 emulator didn't work for Discworld, and I'm speculating that
this is because it was being initialized before the "extra path"
had been added to the search path.

It's likely that not all of these objects are needed for every
version of the game. Fixing that is left as an exercise for
someone more familiar with the different game versions than me.
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Fix stopping digital audio, music, and palette cycling when animation ends
TSAGE: R2R - Remove useless includes
TSAGE: Move Air Duct and Vampire lair mazes in separate source files
Paul Gilbert
MADS: Save redundant reloads of digital audio when switching animations
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Simplify check for non-alphanumeric characters in the parser

This is also for bug #6608. Many thanks to wjp for his help with this
Filippos Karapetis
SCI: Ignore most of the non-alphanumeric characters in the parser

This is a more proper handling of non-alphanumeric characters (e.g.
apostrophes) in SCI games with a parser - bug #6608
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