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Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Remove redundant room check in CEarSweetBowl
David Fioramonti
SCI32: Fix cursor color when quitting for phant1

When quitting the game at the main menu and hitting no
or quitting the game while playing the cursor color
over the buttons will be tan the first time rather
than red. This fix makes it so it will be red.

This was done by removing a check in HotSpot::doit()
which checks the global193 value. Removing this check
fixes the problem.

Fixes Trac#9977.

Thanks snover and wjp for your help.
Ben Castricum
I18N: Update translation (Dutch)

Currently translated at 100.0% (959 of 959 strings)
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Colin Snover
SDL: Fix 32bpp cursor scaling in SDL1

The SDL1 loop is not very optimal. Unfortunately all our existing
scalers only work in 16bpp and I don't have time to fix that right
now, so this is fine.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Colin Snover
SDL: Fix scaled 32bpp cursor rendering
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: New titanic.dat with fixed German chevron strings
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Add missing strings for Floor & Room # to titanic.dat
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix crash exiting game when music room music is active
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Music room handler field renames & better anim sync to music
Colin Snover
SCI32: Tell OSystem to show/hide cursors as appropriate

This is needed so that the system cursor can be appropriately
hidden outside the game's draw area, to match the normal behaviour
of ScummVM.
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix use after free and remove IFDEF code from mouse cursors
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Simplify cursors to build up as RGBA during loading
Colin Snover
DINGUX: Really constify getFeatureState
Colin Snover
DINGUX: Fix missing const on hasFeature/getFeatureState implementation
Colin Snover
DINGUX: Replace usage of old SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager APIs
Colin Snover
GPH: Replace usage of old SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager APIs
Colin Snover
PSP: Improve const-correctness
Colin Snover
PSP2: Replace usage of old SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager APIs
Colin Snover
OPENPANDORA: Remove duplicated loadGFXMode code
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Eugene Sandulenko
GUI: Cleanup
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Constify PaletteManager::grabPalette implementations
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Colin Snover
Merge branch 'graphics-backends-improvements'
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Fix up graphics manager ports with const & override where appropriate
Colin Snover
SDL: Allow window size to be reset whenever launcher is visible

This ensures the window gets resized properly when a user changes
the scaler options in the GUI. Simply unlocking the window size on
a call to setGraphicsMode is not good enough, because the scaler
mode can be changed by games during mode switches, and we don't
want to reset the window size in that case.
Colin Snover
SDL: Support 32bpp cursor rendering

32bpp cursor scaling is not available, but this should be fine as
many of the software scalers are not designed to work with >16bpp
data in any case.

This change also includes some minor cleanup of unnecessary #ifdefs
around code that works equally well with or without USE_RGB_COLOR,
to simplify the implementation.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Fix missing mouse events when system cursor cannot be moved

Normally with SDL, a mouse motion event will be sent after the
system mouse cursor has been moved by a call to
SDL_WarpMouseInWindow, but if the system cursor cannot be moved
(e.g. because the window does not have mouse focus), games still
need to receive these mouse events so they can successfully update
the mouse position internally. Otherwise, games continue to think
the mouse is still in the original position and will continue to
try to perform whatever action is associated with that mouse

Refs Trac#9689.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Do not send mouse events to games occurring outside the game draw rect
Colin Snover
SDL: Minor code cleanup to declare variables at point of first use
Colin Snover
GRAPHICS: Send blank cursors to graphics backends

Blank cursors don't mean to continue drawing the previous cursor,
they mean that the cursor in the backend needs to be blank.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Fix GraphicsManager handling of empty cursors

The SDL graphics manager was just ignoring calls from CursorMan to
set the cursor to a blank cursor, which meant engines that did not
immediately send a cursor to CursorMan at startup would still show
the launcher's cursor (usually with a broken palette).

The OpenGL graphics manager would try to generate and draw an
invalid cursor surface when receiving an empty cursor.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Also hide mouse cursor outside game area when an engine has hidden the cursor

The only reason we show the system cursor outside the game area is
to show users where their mouse is when the window is resized and
the mouse is outside the game area. If the game cannot be
interacted with, then the mouse also does not need to be shown in
the black areas.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Refactor OpenGL & SDL graphics backends

This patch refactors the OpenGL and SDL graphics backends,
primarily to unify window scaling and mouse handling, and to
fix coordinate mapping between the ScummVM window and the
virtual game screen when they have different aspect ratios.

Unified code for these two backends has been moved to a new
header-only WindowedGraphicsManager class, so named because it
contains code for managing graphics managers that interact with
a windowing system and render virtual screens within a larger
physical content window.

The biggest behavioral change here is with the coordinate
system mapping:

Previously, mouse offsets were converted by mapping the whole
space within the window as input to the virtual game screen
without maintaining aspect ratio. This was done to prevent
'stickiness' when the mouse cursor was within the window but
outside of the virtual game screen, but it caused noticeable
distortion of mouse movement speed on the axis with blank

Instead of introducing mouse speed distortion to prevent
stickiness, this patch changes coordinate transformation to
show the system cursor when the mouse moves outside of the virtual
game screen when mouse grab is off, or by holding the mouse inside
the virtual game screen (instead of the entire window) when mouse
grab is on.

This patch also improves some other properties of the
GraphicsManager/PaletteManager interfaces:

* Nullipotent operations (getWidth, getHeight, etc.) of the
  PaletteManager/GraphicsManager interfaces are now const
* Methods marked `virtual` but not inherited by any subclass have
  been de-virtualized
* Extra unnecessary calculations of hardware height in
  SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager have been removed
* Methods have been renamed where appropriate for clarity
  (setWindowSize -> handleResize, etc.)
* C++11 support improved with `override` specifier added on
  overridden virtual methods in subclasses (primarily to avoid
  myself accidentally creating new methods in the subclasses
  by changing types/names during refactoring)

Additional refactoring can and should be done at some point to
continue to deduplicate code between the OpenGL and SDL backends.
Since the primary goal here was to improve the coordinate mapping,
full refactoring of these backends was not completed here.
Colin Snover
SDL: Accept signed values for mouse cursor warping

This matches the other ScummVM and SDL APIs for mouse warp.
Colin Snover
SDL: Allow window resize with non-OpenGL SDL2 backend

The GUI is not redrawn when the window size changes, but that is
not as important as being able to resize the games themselves.
Colin Snover
BACKENDS: Fix some comment typos
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