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Thierry Crozat
CONFIGURE: Silence undefined-var-template warning

We get this warning a lot for the Singleton class due to the way
we instantiate its specializations. Also in case we forget the
instantiation we get a link error anyway, so the warning is not
very useful anyway.
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Allow GMM/F7 loading in prologue before player gets the PET
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix use-after-free in TTtalker when loading savegames
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Implement F5 & F7 Saving and Loading
Paul Gilbert
TTTANIC: Fix bomb narration disappearing after Titania's cutscene
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Simplify sound looping by using LoopingAudioStream
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix toggling fan speed from very fast down to slow
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix Promenade fan sound after toggling fan speed too much
Eugene Sandulenko
WAGE: Do not error on unprintable characters.

Makes Swamp Witch start
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Fix MacTextWindow dragging and resizing
Eugene Sandulenko
GRAPHICS: MACGUI: Perform sanity checks before blitting
Simei Yin
SLUDGE: Fix zBuffer problem when credit scrolling
Simei Yin
SLUDGE: Fix load&save sound bug
Simei Yin
SLUDGE: Play mod music
Paul Gilbert
Merge pull request #992 from dafioram/daffine_fmatrix_work

TITANIC: Daffine and FMatrix work
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix talking to Parrot
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Have Parrot return after Perch is placed in cage
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix magazine being winnable multiple times
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix taking hose from Frozen Broken Pellerator
Ben Castricum
SCUMM: Prevent darkenPallete() in Room 0 in FT, fixes bug #9871
Eugene Sandulenko
WAGE: Added more games to detection
Eugene Sandulenko
WAGE: Added more alternative game versions
Eugene Sandulenko
WAGE: Added detection for two more games
Eugene Sandulenko
WAGE: Added alternative version of Fred Rogers game
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: fpose, simplify inverse

Was doing 3x3 inverse now it is doing a transpose.
Also named the function.
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: daffine simpler inverse

Replace rotation inverse with transpose.
inv(R)=tranpose(R) for rotation matrices.
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix hose pickup cursor when loading savegame with cover open
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: Unmarked starviewer, fix, key directions

Changing the fpose Y axis rotations flipped some of the keys (z,x)
so I added in negatives to fix that.

Also before slash was looking up and comma was looking down.
This is the same as the original, but I think thats less
intuitive so I have reversed that. It also makes those keys
now correct in the readme.
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Renamings for Broken Pellerator fields
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: Change fpose Yaxis rotation to be same as wikipedia

Add negatives to star camera turning rotations so view turns correctly
when no stars are marked and 1 star is marked.
Paul Gilbert
TITANI: Fix auto-showing Call button outside music room Pellerator
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix too short animations in Pellerator journeys
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix too long animation in Pellerator journeys
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Cleanup of DAffine, removal of unused static
Paul Gilbert
Merge pull request #991 from dafioram/daffine_refactor

TITANIC: DAffine refactor
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Further cleanup of FMatrix refactorings
Paul Gilbert
Merge pull request #990 from dafioram/fmatrix_refactor

TITANIC: FMatrix refactoring
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: daffine refactor, changed Yaxis rotation convention

The X and Z rotation already follow the convention given in wikipedia,
but the Y axis rotation doesn't (its the negative angle) so I switched
that and updated where that was used.

This allowed stray negatives for angle calls to this function (for Y
rotations) to be removed from other parts of the code (dvector).

In theory this was a non-functional change. In dvector the code was taking
the negative of the angle so it was essentially doing the negative of the
negative, but when it was used once in star_camera it was not
(when it should of been). So That was changed. That part of the code
was used for locking onto the third star after the 2nd was already locked.

I can't tell if the star control puzzle has improved after this change.
It can still have issues locking onto the 2nd star and also not.

Also added lots of todos for things to check.
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: daffine refactor, call clear before setting rot matrix

The previous code wasn't reseting all the other elements to zero
when setting up a rotation matrix. This would of left other values
in the not set elements leading to a matrix not quite what the caller
wanted. This should lead to the function getFrameTransform returning
a different Daffine matrix.

Also added lots of todos
David Fioramonti
TITANIC: daffine refactoring, non-functional changes

Made default constructor col4 construction explicit.
Change amount argument to be angle_deg. Added constant
from dvector that does conversion from degrees to radians".

Also moved conversion constants for angles in dvector to
header file so daffine could use that.
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