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master stable
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Don't allow GMM load/save on the main menus or intro/end cutscenes
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Use kLastSaveSlot where appropriate
Adrian Frühwirth
JANITORIAL: Fix indentation
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Add Location enum
Walter Agazzi
I18N: Update translation (Italian)

Currently translated at 100.0% (962 of 962 strings)
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix GMM savegame loads were waiting until a turn had passed
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix transferring items between characters in items dialog
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Remove unhelpful comment

Code matches disassembly and works like in the original. I can't spot
anything out of the ordinary with regards to audio playback either.
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Reset panel type to normal after loading a savegame
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Remove superfluous workaround for Trac#4156

Despite what the comment says this does not seem to be in the original
game and I cannot replicate this in either the original or a current
ScummVM build. It is highly likely that this was one of several sprite
offset bugs which were present in our implementation earlier but which
have since been fixed.
Bastien Bouclet
CREATE_PROJECT: Place libs requiring symbols before libs providing them

In the CMake generator. So the linker can resolve the symbols it marked
as unresolved as it walks the libraries.

Fixes building ResidualVM with msys2 from Qt Creator on Windows.
Eugene Sandulenko
BLADERUNNER: Simplified detection tables
PSP2: fix touch sometimes not directly under finger
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix Items dialog header when an item is selected
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix whether events are checked after openGrate calls
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix setSpeedTable crash after missed ranged attack
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Standardize on a single SPELLS_PER_CLASS define

There was previous confusion because characters can have a maximum of
39 spells for their class. But the spell list for each class has
40 entries, of which the last one, #39, is always the 'No Spell' value
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Work around original game bug when using the map in the mall in part three

If you don't have the appointment card yet and use the map to go to
Seedy Street Bud ends up being teleported back to the mall.
Because of the destination coordinates which warp Bud past x==583
Violet's logic, which makes him refuse Bud entrance to the dentist,
triggers. On top of that the graphics end up all garbled which
indicates that even worse things happen under the hood.
To work around this we only trigger Violet if Bud actually _walked_
past the trigger coordinates (as opposed to using the map).

This fixes Trac#10452.
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Implement workaround for original script bug mentioned in commit 23fd97c99a
Eugene Sandulenko
BLADERUNNER: Fix bug with path generator in GenericWalkerA actor
Eugene Sandulenko
BLADERUNNER: Mark a bug in original code
Torbjörn Andersson
TITANIC: Fix small memory leak
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix crash on Cast Spell dialog for non-spell casters
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix glitched border of Identify Monster dialog
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix Town Portal town selection dialog
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Don't show a 'None Ready' spell in spell selection dialog
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix spells list selection for Vertigo guild
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Add an enum SpellsCategory enum, code simplification using it
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Actually implement mof opcode

When the 'mof' opcode was added in commit 1946dead77 it was implemented
as a NOOP, but what it actually should do is disable the mouse (set
_cursorState to kCursorStateDisabledHidden).
This is used in at least the Spanish and Polish versions of the game to
work around an earlier script bug which allowed the player to use the
mouse while freeing the professor in part two.

This commit fixes the 'mof' instruction so that the original script works
as intended in those versions that ship with the fix.

TODO: Add a workaround for those game versions which don't do the 'mof'
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix display of Spell Info dialog in Guild shops
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Add missing buv and c0v opcodes

This commit adds the 'buv' and 'c0v' opcodes which are used to set speech
volume. Because these only seem to be used once in the English demo and
we right now playback all speech at kMaxSoundVolume anyway we can treat
them as NOOPs.

This fixes a bug in said demo which resulted in Bud being unable to talk
to Del.
Thomas Fach-Pedersen
BLADERUNNER: Round coordinates to two decimals

Also fixes a couple of typos.
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix display of Spells list dialog within Guild shops
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Properly write party character data when saving the game
Eugene Sandulenko
BLADERUNNER: Added FreeSlotB actor
Eugene Sandulenko
BLADERUNNER: Added FreeSlotA actor
Bastien Bouclet
SDL: Split joystick mouse event generation into two functions

That way it is easier to implement relative mouse movement in
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix Guild membership check
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix using pyramid to travel to the Dark Side
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