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Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix Swords Greyhaven guild spell list
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: FIxes for Dark Side & Swords spell listing
LILLIPUT: Remove some unused variables, initialize some others
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: MYST: Clip one coordinate at a time in o_copyImageToBackBuffer

Fixes Achenar's door animation being mispositionned on Channelwood.

Fixes Trac#10498.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Willem Jan Palenstijn
SCI: Change workaround for PalVary / Animate race condition

The new approach is to delay kAnimate briefly (with an 68ms timeout)
while there is a zero-tick PalVary running, so that it has time to

The previous workaround would immediately process a zero-tick
PalVaryInit/PalVaryReverse. This caused problems in QfG3 (bug #10304)
where it interfered with PalVaryPause.

The previous workaround could also be modified to handle pause/resume,
but this new approach should be closer to SSCI's behaviour, which used a
timer for a zero-tick PalVary too.

This fixes bug #10304, and keeps #5298 fixed too.
Adrian Frühwirth
TITANIC: Fix discrepancy between readSavegameHeader() declaration and definition

This should have been part of commit 00e59a3122.
Adrian Frühwirth
Revert "TITANIC: Fix memory leak due to save thumbnail changes"

This was a miss in commit 00e59a3122. The new parameter was supposed
to be called skipThumbnail and default to true instead.
For consistency's sake (the rest of the tree uses skipThumbnail, not
loadThumbnail) I'm reverting this and will separately update the
declaration to how it should have been from the beginning.

Thanks dreammaster!
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix memory leak due to save thumbnail changes
Bastien Bouclet
CREATE_PROJECT: CMAKE: Fix importing SDL2 when it was built using CMake

When SDL is built using CMake, Find_Package imports a target instead of
defining variables. If a target was imported we now define the include
path and linker flags variables from the target's properties.

Using imported targets is a best practice. Ideally, we should define an
imported target when we detect variables were defined.
However, the linker flags variable would need to be parsed into a
library path and a list of libraries, making that approach impractical.
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: LB: Mark a switch fall-trough as intentional

Without the fall-through, the function would unconditionally dereference
an uninitialized pointer.
Bastien Bouclet
BASE: Allow options to come after command on the command line
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: LB: Mark some switch fall-throughs as intentional

Fall-throughs are used as a way to handle optional parameters in this
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: MYST: Fix the sound effect not playing in opcode 41

Changing the background sound when switching cards could stop the effect
sound immediately after it started.

Fixes Trac#10493.
Adrian Frühwirth
BUILD: Add temporary files created by configure to .gitignore
Adrian Frühwirth
JANITORIAL: Fix formatting
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: Remove extra coma
Bastien Bouclet
Merge branch 'dafioram-myst_soundrecvrChanges'
Bastien Bouclet
MOHAWK: MYST: Always redraw the sound receiver at constant speeds

Fixes the sound receiver display stopping for a little while
every second or so when keeping a direction button pressed.
David Fioramonti
MOHAWK: MYST: Make sound receiver hint boundary line up with orig

In the original the sound reciever would provide a hint of the
source sound direction when the user was less than 5 degrees
away. In ScummVM it was less than or equal to 5 degrees.
Now it matches the behavior of the original.
David Fioramonti
MOHAWK: MYST: Enhance: slow down sound receiver max spin rate

This slows down the Selentic age sound receiver spin rate
when fully depressing either of the turn buttons.

This is a deviation from the original and improves
the users experience.

In the original when the button is fully depressed
the receiver turns so fast that it is impossible
to predict what angle you full be at when you let go.
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Improve autosave error handling
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Try autosaving only once per autosave interval
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Add Swords guild membership checks
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Swords changes for game flags array
Paul Gilbert
TINSEL: Fix held items not in either inventory being lost
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Ignore monster moves outside map rather than asserting
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix assert for maximum number in button chooser
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix crash attacking enemies with an Elder weapon
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Fix scripts scanning party inventories for an item
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Add town entry handling for Swords
Adrian Frühwirth
AUDIO: Silence compiler warning in Nuked OPL emulator
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Fix panel background being off by one pixel

This fixes an original game glitch where the main options menu background
image is drawn one pixel too high.

Fixes Trac#10496.
Adrian Frühwirth
TUCKER: Draw text only when hovering over hotspots when using the map
LILLIPUT: Refactor engine, replace the use of MinMax by Common::Rect
LILLIPUT: Add safeguard in homeInPathFinding
LILLIPUT: Fix memory leak
LILLIPUT: Fix unsafe read of string reported by coverity
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Changes for Auto Notes for Swords
Paul Gilbert
XEEN: Alter quest flag handling to accomodate Swords
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