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Hein-Pieter van Braam
TSAGE: remove accidentally added file

Commit aee71314 seems to have accidentally added a temp file containing
a libtsage.a file. We remove it here.
Walter van Niftrik
ADL: Merge hires2 and hires0 classes
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Add titanic.dat to engine-data
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Return long stick to inventory after hitting bomb glass with it
Paul Gilbert
VIDEO: Fix transparency track seeking in AVIDecoder
Eugene Sandulenko
LURE: Added detection for updated Russian version
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Add German sound filenames for spaceship crash
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Set PET area title positions for German version
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix display of PET area titles
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Adding support for German PET's extra Translation area
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Use Speech sound type for endgame Leovinus speech
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Change Titania to use speech sound type
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Change Bomb to use speech sound type
Eugene Sandulenko
ANDROIDSDL: Fix repository file permissions
ANDROIDSDL: implemented hiding of system android mouse pointer when real mouse connected (only for android 7 or higher)
ANDROIDSDL: removed MIPS from compilation. Mips support stopped in pelya's libSDL.
ANDROIDSDL: added How_to_Build.txt instruction
ANDROIDSDL: added script for building scummvm apk
ANDROIDSDL: implemented checking and fixing sdcard path
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix saving bass direction state onto music cylinders
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix some incorrectly named speech method parameters
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Remove warning for unknown NPC in getNpcScript

Turns out the origional explicitly renames NPCs in some cases when
they don't want the NPC to be responsive. Such as the MaitreD name
being set to MaitreLoop03 when he's viewed from behind
Colin Snover
SCI32: Replace Torin dragon's cave patch with a better patch

The previous script patch for this bug was much simpler and
targeted the bad code that hangs, instead of the bad code that
caused the unexpected flag setting, but this caused glitches in
the dragon's cave that couldn't really be fixed since different
animations relied on some common code for positioning Boogle. So,
now, this more complicated patch fixes the fast-forward code in
the seraglio to set Boogle's in-the-bag flag, which is what the
dragon's cave needs in order to not hang when worming Boogle.

Also, because this patch now targets the code that caused the bad
flag state, instead of the code that hangs on the bad state, any
save game in the dragon's cave with the bag flag setting will need
to be fixed by exiting and re-entering the dragon's cave.

Refs Trac#9836.
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Fix incorrect bowl rendering when parrot eats nuts
Paul Gilbert
TITANIC: Renamings for nut bowl messages
Colin Snover
SCI32: Fix Boogle warp glitch caused by previous game patch

Refs Trac#9836.
Tobia Tesan
CREATE_PROJECT: Add fix for nested ifs

This adds a quick fix so that any if blocks nested inside a if block
with an unmet condition are handled with push(false) even if their
condition is satisfied.

For example, without this modification, upon running create_project.exe
--msvc --disable-cloud --enable-libcurl the block inside


in backends/ would get evaluated since it was inside
USE_LIBCURL (=1), leading to unpredictable results.
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