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fetch master nightly stable tools-master
Colin Snover
SCI: Clean up ugly syncBaseObject call
Colin Snover
SCI: Hold script data as mutable internally

Script buffer data is modified after a script is loaded by
savegame operations, and, in SCI16, by string operations. Casting
away const to allow these mutations to happen is not a very good
design, so this patch just changes the privately held reference
to data to be mutable. (Public accessors still return immutable
Martin Kiewitz
SCI32: add detection for GK2 German
Tobia Tesan
DIRECTOR: clean up renderText: separate reading & actual rendering
Tobia Tesan
DIRECTOR: remove redundant/ineffective assignments to width
Tobia Tesan
DIRECTOR: clean up renderText: move warning block down

This changes slightly the semantics of the method; however, I assume we
want to print (or not) the warning based on the width/height values that
will in fact be used *in* the method.
Tobia Tesan
DIRECTOR: consolidate font, width instructions in renderText
Tobia Tesan
GRAPHICS: Delete MacFont in MacText
Tobia Tesan
GRAPHICS: Use MacFont in lieu of Graphics::Font in MacText
Tarek Soliman
TESTBED: Fix building with --disable-cloud (#938)

The linker fails when building with --disable-cloud and not
passing --disable-libcurl
Thierry Crozat
CLOUD: Fix compilation with old curl vesions
I18N: Update translation (Greek)

Currently translated at 99.4% (942 of 947 strings)
Colin Snover
SCI32: Remove unnecessary GfxFrameout::_frameNowVisible

This flag was used in SSCI to read from VRAM instead of from the
back buffer when a mouse interrupt was received in the middle of
a back buffer update. Since ScummVM controls when mouse events
are received via polling, it is not possible to receive a mouse
event in the middle of back buffer updates, so this code is
unnecessary for the engine to work properly.

This also fixes Valgrind warnings about use of uninitialized
memory at the start of the game, caused by not filling the cursor
memory buffers because `_frameNowVisible` was false until the first
frame was rendered.
Colin Snover
SCI32: Promote GK2 and Torin demos to AGDF_TESTING
Colin Snover
VIDEO: Unexpose audio sync API in AdvancedVMDDecoder

This change was inadvertently added in commit
44dd029cb17160316b2015321a0a53f8854b6dd3 but is not actually used.
Eugene Sandulenko
I18N: Update translation (Greek)

Currently translated at 99.3% (941 of 947 strings)
I18N: Update translation (Greek)

Currently translated at 99.3% (941 of 947 strings)
Thierry Crozat
MACOSX: Expand ~ in default screenshot path

When using SDL to save the screenshot, using a told results in
an error.
Colin Snover
SCI: Add var count sanity checking to object initialization
Colin Snover
SCI: Use the var count from the instance's class in SCI1.1-2.1 when looking up selectors

At least some versions of Island of Dr Brain have a bMessager
instance in script 0 with a var count greater than that of its
class. This probably should never happen since it means the
object has a variable with no corresponding selector.

The next commit adds some extra sanity checking code to object
initialization, to warn on any other games where this happens.
D G Turner
DIRECTOR: Fix Various Compiler Warnings.
Thierry Crozat
BASE: Improve error handling when detecting games
Thierry Crozat
BASE: Check scanf return value when adding a game
Ben Castricum
I18N: Update translation (Dutch)

Currently translated at 100.0% (947 of 947 strings)
Colin Snover
SCI32: Remove SCI3 TODO

SCI3 resources appear to already be properly handled.
Colin Snover
SCI32: Allow resource maps with missing corresponding volumes

GK2 on Steam comes with an extra bogus resource map file which
would previously cause ScummVM to refuse to load the game due to
a mismatch in the number of map & volume files. This does not
cause any harm, but is a pain for users (since it requires them to
manually delete the file, and it will be recreated if a user runs
the Steam game file integrity check), so allow the game to load
with a warning instead.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Regenerate translations data file
WINDOWS: Fix warning under mingw-w64.
WINDOWS: Hopefully fix mingw compilation.
Thierry Crozat
WIN32: Fix compilation of getScreenshotPath (missing parenthesis)
Thierry Crozat
WIN32: Comment out code that gets the user My Pictures directory

This broke compilation on buildbot as ShlObj.h cannot be found.
A developer that has access to Windows should take a look to
properly fix this.
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Thierry Crozat
SDL: Improve debug and warning messages when saving screenshots

In particular this adds a warning when failing to save a screenshot
in OpenGL mode (there was already one in SurfaceSDL mode).
  • fetch-master: triggered master -  
Thierry Crozat
SDL: Allow specifying the screenshot directory in the config file

There is no GUI option to set the screenshot directory, but this
allows power users to set it if they don't want to use the default.
  • fetch-master: triggered master -  
Thierry Crozat
MACOSX: Create screenshot on Desktop

This is consistent with the OS shortcut (Crtl+Shift+3) to take a
  • fetch-master: triggered master -  
Thierry Crozat
SDL: Use dynamic cast instead of C cast to get screenshot path
  • fetch-master: triggered master -  
WINDOWS: Change location where screenshot are saved

This fixes bug #9701: WINDOWS: Flow of taking screenshots
on Windows is broken
  • fetch-master: triggered master -  
CMD: Detect and add game(s) with commandline

This implements feature request #7885
Thierry Crozat
I18N: Update translations templates
Colin Snover
SCI: Improve error messages in Script::validateExportFunc
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